Statt-Blatt München:

Aktueller Stand: Erweiterung der begehbaren Geschäfte (#31-60)

Eröffnung hat stattgefunden: 1. Dezember 2004

For our international guests: "statt-blatt" cannot be translated because it is a wordplay. It has two different meanings: 'statt' == 'instead' and 'blatt' == 'paper'. This is a site which cannot be presented on paper, just an the Internet. It consists of many ten thousands of fotoshots of the city of Munich. The second meaning would be: 'statt' sounds in German language very similar to 'Stadt' and 'Stadt' == 'city'. So it would also mean 'city-paper' or 'city-news'. But because this new and revolutionary 'city-paper' cannot be represented on paper we used this wordplay to hove both meanings included within one name. This site will be open later also for tourists because it might become the best source of information about sightseeing and shopping overall for this city. So please come back later if you are planning to visit the wonderful city of Munich.

The actual status: Obtaining the permission for making photo shots

Estimated opening of the first site: 11. October 2004

Die folgenden Seiten sind derzeit wegen Renovierung geschlossen. Bitte beehren Sie uns bald wieder.

This site is currently closed and reconstructed. Please come back later.

InfoStar-DatenBank München

InfoStar-DataBase Munich, Germany

Aus historischen Gründen: Ein Link zur vorherigen Homepage
For historical reasons: A link to our older homepage

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For our international guests: most of this service is in german language!
But some of important items are bilingual.

Unser Motto: Noch schnelleller, aber wenig Graphik
(Our Preference: Fast and less fuffi-graphics)

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